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    Powered by #Hashed, Hashed Open Research (“HOR”) is a think-tank that seeks to understand how technological development can affect positive social change. Inspired by blockchain’s transformative power, HOR envisions a society that is more open, fair and decentralized.


    Its main research areas include facilitating open dialogue between blockchain-based communities and the government, developing institutional frameworks that can nurture and enable the Web3 revolution, and strategizing to maximize the synergy between traditional enterprises and the blockchain technology.


Yongbeom Kim




Facilitating open dialogue between blockchain communities and the government

HOR is committed to collaborate with both public and private sector institutions as well as visionaries from the academia, and by hosting open seminars and conferences, HOR hopes to contribute to the overall discourse by sharing its research output publicly. In addition, by extending the process of learning, communicating and sharing, HOR plans to publish open manifestos on key public policy issues to usher in a new era of responsible global change.


Developing institutional framework that enables the Web3 Revolution

HOR recognizes the transformative potential of Web3 technologies in reshaping the future of industries and economies. To enable the Web3 revolution, we are dedicated to crafting robust institutional frameworks that provide a stable foundation for the adoption of decentralized systems. Our approach involves in-depth research, collaboration with industry experts, and the development of practical solutions that balance innovation with security. 


Maximizing the synergy between traditional enterprises and blockchain technology

HOR is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional enterprises and blockchain technology. We aim to facilitate partnerships and provide resources that demonstrate the advantages of blockchain adoption. By doing so, we catalyze innovation, enhance efficiency, and ensure no organization is left behind in the era of digital globalization. 

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Conference & Seminar

We foster open dialogue and knowledge exchange, bringing together experts, visionaries, and enthusiasts to explore the transformative potential of blockchain and Web3 technologies.

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Committed to propelling the Web3 revolution, our research initiatives aim to illuminate the boundless possibilities within the blockchain and Web3 realms.